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Upcoming Meetings and Events for Viewing

  • NOW AIRING: The replay of the Monday, June 3rd Board of Education Meeting; 5a, 11a, 5p & 11p
  • NOW AIRING: The recorded replay of the Thursday, June 6th, Town Council Special Budget Meeting; 12a, 6a, 12p & 6p
  • NOW AIRING:  5/15/24 Planning & Zoning Meeting; 2a, 8a, 2p & 8p
  • COMING UP LIVE:  6/16/24 Town Council meeting; 7:00 pm
  • COMING UP LIVE:  6/17/24 Planning & Zoning Comm.  Meeting: 6:30 pm
  • COMING UP: The replay of the Monday, June 15th Board of Education Meeting:  Date of the replay to be determined.